I am Daniel Samuel Moses. But my family and friends call me ‘Sam’. I take this opportunity to let you know how my God led me, guided me and cared for me all through my life. You may call it my testimony.

My whole life I was in a Home, first at Coonoor; in 1975 I was moved to Bethel in Danishpet along with 52 other children.
That Christmas 1975 mrs. and mr Nieboer -from the Netherlands- visited Bethel to see their 2 sponsor-children. I became the third one.
They visited us also in 1977 and 1982.
I studied in Bethel till 2nd standard. Here I remember learning many gospel songs and Bible stories. I want to thank my God for the good memory I have.
In 1977, I was sent to Madras Boys Home along with 30 boys, which was then newly opened by Bethel Fellowship. Here I grew up till I completed my +2 (Std 12). Once again I thank my God for some people who were responsible for the growth of my spiritual life, even though I went through lot of hardship.
1986 – 1987 I underwent trainings in printing press, book binding etc. at Danishpet. Because I had left school, the correspondence with my foster parents was not allowed any more, though both sides wanted to keep in touch.

In 1988 when I was 20 years, the Bethel Administration asked me to be a warden for 180 children in the Home. Even though I was not very happy about this job I did it because I had to start earning for my livelihood. With much hesitation and unwillingness I worked for two years. Even though I worshipped God and knew Him, I was fighting within myself about my future. I felt very lonely. When everybody would go home for holidays and enjoy family life, I had nowhere to go. Of course, there were many friends who cared for me and wanted me to spend my free times with them. Frankly I never felt at home anywhere. I was struggling a lot mentally and spiritually . Many times I felt that living in this world was meaningless.
But God is good. 1989 – 1991 I had the opportunity to do ministry with Operation Mobilization team. It was a challenging ministry, sharing the gospel even though I myself was struggling spiritually.

Suddenly I had loving parents, whom I called 'amma' and 'appa' and who seemed to understand me so well that I felt complete and secure. They kept in touch with me and became my most important advisors. I visited them again in 1997, 1999, 2000/2001 and 2002.

Since 1996 I worked as a child-care-coordinator in Bangalore and in Bangarapet. In 1999/2000 my foster parents helped me to start the Helping Hands India Trust.

My records tell that I was born on January 13, 1968. All I heard about my family is that I had a mother whose name was Teresa and an older brother.

I don’t know what happened to my parents.  I have never seen them or my brother.

The desire to know more about Christ made me to join the South India Biblical Seminary at Bangarapet in 1992 by the help of my foster parents, who heard by accident about my wish.It was at this Seminary when I was doing my degree in Theology that my sponsors from the Netherlands could re-contact me  personally after a gap of 12,5 years (1982 - 1994)! After my graduation in 1995 they invited me to come to Holland. This re-meeting changed my life tremendously.
In 1998 I married Urmila Deaver; she also works for the trust Helping Hands as a secretary and as a teacher for computer and english.
We got  2 wonderful sons, Jason in 2002 and Jonathan in 2007.
For the first time in my life, I live in a family!
in NL